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What if your website crashed today, how will you reach out to your clientele?

Facebook and other social media platforms can go out of function today and those customers on your pages will no longer be able to access you nor make purchases anymore.

You’d be BROKE and broke isn’t great, especially for a business.

What if I showed you the best way to properly safeguard your customers?

It can only be one – HAVING AN EMAIL LIST.  Emails are indestructible. Yeah, they’re kept on certain databases that undergo certain encryptions daily and as such data are properly protected.

You don’t have to run helterskelter in trying to attend to various messages to certain persons based on their position in this Buyer’s Journey created by you.

However, it’s still a hard thing to do and maintain for busy personnels like you. Emails generate 4400% more room than Social Media but it’s still underrated. Why? The best answer is because people have no knowledge about its strength nor how to utilize it.

This is where I come in because my skills/services include:

1. Email Marketing and Management

2. Email Segmentation and Automation

3. Email Copywriting

4. Email Sales Marketing/Writing

5. Content Marketing

6. ActiveCampaign ESP Management …


I’d help fix your email marketing strategy and provide you with an A+ service that’d save you from losing hundreds(100s) of Dollars ($) in the backend.

Send me a message if you want to make more sales using emails. Save yourself from possible crash or unforseen circumstances and the reason to make more targeted money.





p.s. most of the stats given are real and can be verified on digital marketing blogs or website such as Hubspot. Every possible crash is an assumption. Emails are great but you either don’t know it or you’re doing it the wrong way and I want to save you that lot…


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